• Bi-weekly Coach-&-athlete-driven contact and communication
  • Customized personal training calendar delivered multi-week blocks
  • Pre-season periodization planning session
  • Personal physiology assessments to benchmark progress
  • Unlimited phone and e-mail access to your coach
  • Race schedule planning
  • Nutritional logging and consultation
  • Individually set heart-rate training zones
  • Functionally specific strength training sessions
  • A one-time FREE Position-perfect Bike fitting, a run-gait videotaping, or a videotaped Swim-stroke assessment (your choice of one)
  • Option to purchase additional coach directed 1-on-1 sessions
  • Interactive wattage assessment and power monitoring for athletes using power-meter
  • Early notification of camp/clinic dates
  • Epic & Instructional Camp discount credits of 10%
  • Earn athlete-referral credit of $50 (per athlete you refer) towards future calendars 
  • Personally coached by Sonni Dyer


  • MAF testing, Lactate-threshold wattage testing, Critical swim-speed testing, etc…
  • Swim-drill and swim workouts
  • Cycling Intensity Sessions (trainer or outdoors)
  • Run Intensity Sessions and track work
  • Brick and Brick Interval Sessions       
  • Strength training that’s specific for endurance athletes

Cost Average: 

$68.75/week *Billed $275 monthly (requires a 6-month minimum)
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