"One of the things I absolutely love about working with you, is you somehow found a way to make training fun.  I would wake up every morning excited to do the workout, no matter how hard it might be.  I felt like I progressed every single week, and got stronger and stronger as the months passed on.  You emphasized the journey of training, and racing, and this semester I have had a lot of time to reflect on that.  I have learned so much about myself through my mountain bike racing.   You have taught me how to be patient, to trust the process of training and growing your strengths.  Limiters have become strengths with you, and my self-confidence on the start line is miles above where I started out."

Sarah Hill......Colligate Mountain Bike Omnium Champion 2016

"I hired Sonni as a runner trying to take it to the next level in my new sport of duathlon. With Sonni's expert guidance, I began placing nationally in my age group, and within 5 years, won my first world title...and that was the overall amateur world title...at the age of 44. 
After several more world age group titles, then some on my own, I still consult with Sonni from time to time, for I trust his judgment on everything from bike componentry to curtailing my training because I tend to overdo it. I will always recommend him to others seeking a coach. Many coaches can teach you the basics, but many coaches will burn you out within a couple of years by over-training you. Sonni has sound principles and the experience of being a successful athlete himself to know the intricacies of reaching that higher ground."

Kristin Villopoto......Multi-time World Duathlon Champion

"Words can not express my gratitude for what you have helped me do.I have dreamed about doing an Ironman since I was 23 years old (20 years).I never thought it was possible for me since I struggled so much with running. I am not sure now what goals I have other than enjoying my new title as an Ironman. "   Winslow Rogers, NC

“In the past I would have been happy just finishing in under two hours. If this would have been a 10K I would have crushed my PR by almost 5 minutes, so I guess you can say that something is working! Can’t wait to get to the tempo and speed workouts to see how much better I can get. I am thinking sub 20 min. 5K is becoming more feasible.”
Parrish Matthews, Huntersville, NC

“Thank you again for the time and effort you have put into my training…I know I am not one of you top competitive athletes, but you make me feel like I am!!!”
Mark Redding, NC

“The best thing about my program is the flexibility – I can call or email at any time in the program and Sonni can modify my training to meet the new requirements. All in all, I like the whole program. And the nutrition counseling has been fantastic. I think we are right on target with the current weekly sequencing – don’t change a thing.”
Mike Samples, Wash, DC

“With all your help in getting prepared for Ironman Brazil…I took 31minutes off my previous best (IM Brazil 12:14:01, IM Europe 12:45:24)”
Len Fumi, NC

“I did the MAF test (aerobic run assessment), again, for my own curiosity….32:02, 3months ago I did 34:26 at the same heart rate….you definitely have me hooked.”
Curt Henderson, 2003 USAT U-23 National Development Team

“Thanks for another amazing year. In 2 years with you, I have (knock on major wood) NOT been injured. I have trained around the birth of 2 kids, and I’ve dropped my half marathon PR form 1:30 to 1:24, my marathon from 3:14 to 3:00, my 5K from 19:38 to 18:02 …….and I’ve added much tri and du hardware to the shelf in my office. Thanks!”
Tim Napier, Kentucky

“Everything just came together this year. It just clicked. Thank you!!!”
Kristin Villopoto, NC…… 2-time World Duathlon Champion & 2005-USAT Female Duathlete of the Year.

“Well, We did it!! I was rested, and ready.  Had a good swim, and was in the top 10 exiting the water….I was 11th in my AG at Nationals, and made TEAM USA…and the fact that I am at the top of my age group on a course that did not suit my strengths, I am VERY pleased.  I really appreciated all your help….Thanks again.”
Steve Caskie, SC

Good news: just got back my blood work and my cholesterol went from 220 last year to 174.  Lowest in years!  I’ll take that as a “successful result”! 
Sandra Wheless, VA

“I dropped my 1000m swim time from last year by 2minutes and 9seconds!! Dropped my race-PR by 58 seconds. My 300 meter split was 4:55, which is 13 seconds faster than my fastest Azalea swim time. My 500 meter split was 8:25, which is 41 seconds faster than my last year’s MAP swim time. Very happy today!”
Martin Tretault, North Carolina

“As you know I am not an obsessive compulsive, anal retentive record keeper (well, not compared to most of us- it’s all relative to the group you hang around :-) ……but I was flipping through my race results and found an interesting pattern for Pinehurst Olympic Tri. If anyone is interested in the kind of results they can get from you, tell them to call me.
2000 2:57:45
2001 2:49:30 (shoe toss year)
2002 2:39:41
2003 2:29:25
I am astonished and forever in you debt.”
Sharon Balas, Charlotte, NC

“This year was the best racing year of my life. Thanks for your coaching! My goals for the year included finishing the ironman, which went great- it was the best day of my life, and winning some grand maters trophies (I had never won one before 2003, and never even got a single trophy before Nov. 2001.) Now I have won the most improved runner award, which I was really hoping for. I feel great.”
Bill Gasparrine, Mississippi

“Just got back from Kiawah, I am very happy with my results, 3:15:39, best time in the last 13 years. I followed your training system and it truly worked.”
Fernando Puente, Raleigh, NC

“I am really amazed at my time. I haven’t gone under 2 hours in about 8 years. Also picked up 2nd in my age group. Thanks for the magic formula. It really works!”
Marcia Godwin, NC

“Running amongst the guys in the front at the end put me in some rarified air that I never thought I would see :-) This has been a breakout year for me, and I really owe a lot to it to you.”

“You can see my results online or maybe at ironmanlive.com. Needless to say, I am completely thrilled with my times and splits. Thanks so much for the training.”

“In my pre-Sonni days of triathlon, I trained hard and fast daily and my race times were hardly improving. But since joining your team, I have been amazed at how Sonni’s sequencing and focus training have made me noticeably stronger in all three disciplines. His mix of workouts also took out any monotony that I was experiencing and made training even more fun than before. Thanks Sonni!”
George, North Carolina

“So, what did you DO to me? :-) Ever since that finish at Disney, I have totally ROCKED in almost every event I’ve done this year. I have been running 5K’s at near-record performance, set a new half marathon record, set a new 10-mile time trail record, set a new Ironman record… about the only thing left would be a marathon record and – how convenient that’s the next thing coming up…
Michael Creason, NC

“I just can’t say enough how much better I feel and how much better my workouts are going. When I first started to train for triathlon, I thought I had to train all the time, and I did, almost literally. Then I started working with XXXX (ed-another coach), I’ve already told you about how over-trained I got with his workouts. 

I felt like I was pushed into a cookie cutter mold, and I ended up doing the same workouts over and over again until I was totally burned out. For the first time in the last three years, I feel like I have a plan and I’m on the right track, I’m so grateful for the coaching I’m getting right now. I’m looking forward to a really good year!”
L.H., SC

“Using the Studio7 program brought me back to a disciplined training focus. It is easy to understand and gets adjusted to fit my progress. It is not a “one size fits all” approach. My swim and bike times improved significantly in a very short period of time and I finished a half ironman more than 30 minutes faster than my goal. I highly recommend the program.”
Jim Patterson, North Carolina

“I finally listened to my friends and contacted Sonni. We even did a “trial basis” coaching program. Needless to say, I became a S7 athlete after that. I highly recommend it?”
Leslie Poujol Brown, South Carolina